HEROIC WORLD FESTIVAL | 4th november | El Bruc


The Heroic World Festival of El Bruc wants to understand what are the current heroic references and why they are Why every society and age creates and constantly destroys it What a person or group should do to be considered heroes And above all, why we need the heroes


El Bruc

The modern history of El Bruc is associated with the legend of El Timbaler. The War against French led to the creation of multiple heroic stories. One of them was the one of El Timbaler, and the boy who by playing his timbale helped to trick the enemy. The brave, courageous boy who defended the land.
Throughout the time, the heroic figure of El Timbaler has had different lives. In fact, what has happened is that different lives, different directions, and different interpretations have been given. None of them has been casual, neutral or innocuous.

The hero: a starting point for participation and socio-cultural reflection

Heroes and heroines, the stories we make about them are sociocultural, political, historiographical, literary, religious, pictorial, cinematographic creations…Heroes and heroines speak of ourselves, of our society, of what we fear, of what we want, of what we value or what we would like to be and we are not. In a certain way, they are mirrors: if you want to know a society, look at their heroes and heroines. Many times, hegemonies install their heroes and their representations. We see them being part of identities, praised but often also put under suspicion: what do they represent? What values ​​and assumptions are reincarnated in? Are they still in our daily expectations and struggles?

The Heroic World aims to be an inexhaustible space for reflection, creation and participation that revolves around a specific issue based on the idea of ​​the hero and heroine. We want to renew the subject every year because the heroes speak, in an exaggerated way, in a distorted way, of the human condition and this one has multiple dimensions.

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In the first edition of the Heroic World Festival we focus on women as heroin or, if you wish, on heroin as a woman What is the woman who is are you proposing in the heroic stories? The woman of flesh and blood when drifting the myth or heroin that is proposed as a social model?


This will be the centrepiece of the Festival. Two friendly and proximate conversations to contribute with ideas and reflections on the subject of this year.
These conversations will be uploaded to the Món Heroic (Heroic World) website, so that a historical archive of this space of debate will be created.

The proposed round tables

12 p.m. Plenary Hall of the Town Hall
Heroic reality: women who conquer spaces and spaces that create heroines

6 p.m. Plenary Hall of the Town Hal
The construction of the heroic female

Other activities for children and adults

Storyteller The fairytale caravan by Jordi Tonietti

Library The small library of the small and great heroines

Sample The bookstore

Workshop Workshop of heroic puppets by PengimPenjam

Activity The heroines small house by Subi&Anna

Theatre show Heroines of La Rambla by Joan Castells

Concert Delikatessen


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